Meet the Team

Sean Stocker
Vice President of Development, Apex Clean Energy

Sean Stocker is a Vice President of Development for Apex Clean Energy. He has over 20 years of experience driving meaningful rural economic development in agriculture and energy. Sean lives with his family in Minnesota and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.


Garrick Valverde
Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Garrick brings over six years of experience in the renewable energy industry. Garrick began his renewables career in securing agreements with buyers of renewable energy and now leads the development of solar and wind energy projects. Garrick travels frequently to Minnesota from his home in Kansas to work on this and other projects in the area.


Drew Christensen
Director of Public Engagement, Apex Clean Energy

Drew is a passionate supporter of economic development in rural areas. He's spent his career working with community leaders in state and local government. Drew lives with his family in Minnesota.


Anna Hays
Public Engagement Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Anna has spent much of her career working in state and local policy development. Through this work, she found her true passion for community economic development. As a Public Engagement Manager, Anna works closely with local elected officials, community leaders, landowners, and residents to gather feedback, answer project questions, and work alongside communities to realize the vast benefits of local renewable energy development. Anna lives in Sioux Falls, SD.


Ryan Redlin

Land Agent


Joe Magda

Land Agent